Mary Carole Overholt 

During the Summer of 2020, I worked collaborated with Alex Kim, Laura Pappalardo, and Keller Easterling to create the M.E.D. Working Group for Anti-Racism—an evolving, multifaceted project that addresses issues of race, space, and destructive whiteness of institutional and professional practices in architecture.

During the Fall 2020 semester, the M.E.D. Working Group for Anti-Racism offered a series of both public-facing and internal events that incubate and sustain collaborative, co-educational practices that center anti-racist spatial principles. Our three round table discussions this semester were based on the thematic areas of POLICING, ARCHIVE, and COMMONS, and hosted activists including Philip V. McHarris, Arissa Hall, Zoe Hopson and Teigist Taye (Black Students for Disarmament), Jaime Amparo Alves, Cierra Chenier, Amrita Raja, Mel Isidor, Dan Taeyoung, Sunny Iyer, Rachel Valinsky, and Lauren Hudson. These discussions were hosted on Zoom and open to the general public.

For event listings, check out our website.

Screenshot from ARCHIVE roundtable discussion on October 21, 2020 with Cierra Chenier, Mel Isidor, and Amrita Raja. Pictured (left to right): Laura Pappalardo and MC Overholt.